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Providing the Greatest Value for the Smallest Detail

Be Sure of What You’re Getting

It’s easier than most people would think to overlook aspects of a home’s condition that may become problematic after a real estate transaction has taken place and you’ve moved into your new home. At Diligent Home Inspection Services, we pay extra close attention to even the smallest details, identifying issues that are concealed within the visible structure of a home while also drawing your attention to defects hiding in plain sight. Our investigative home inspections will help you avoid making a premature buying decision by giving you the knowledge to address a home’s most pressing needs before final closing.

We Find Satisfaction in Customer Satisfaction

It satisfies us immensely when we’re able to help our clients advance toward a secure home purchase with confidence. When we inspect a home, you can expect:

  • A painstakingly thorough evaluation of the home’s visible and readily accessible areas
  • Honest results that will color your perspective of a home by bringing previously unknown strengths and weaknesses to light
  • Clear explanations of each individual inspection finding—as well as helpful home maintenance advice
Customer Satisfaction
24 Hour Home Inspection Report Turn Around

Inspection Reports Available in 24 Hours

When we inspect your prospective home, you won’t have to worry about enduring a long wait in order to receive an inspection report. Within just 24 hours, you can log in on our website to view a straightforward report of our findings. We’ll thoroughly explain each of area of the home we evaluated, giving special attention to any items that were discovered to be defective. We also include access to the innovative Create Request List™ (CRL)™ feature by HomeGauge.

Homegauge CRL Digital Report

The Create Request List™ (CRL)™

  • As you browse through your inspection report, you can flag any defective findings that you’d like to include in a customized project and repair request list
  • Whether you want to request repair, replacement, or reimbursement—the CRL™ will help you get it done in just a few easy clicks
  • Best of all, you can work on your request list from practically any device with an internet connection

Dependable Home Inspections in the Tampa Bay Area

We’re proud to offer comprehensive home inspection services to Tampa Bay and the surrounding areas, including Bradenton and Sarasota.


At Diligent Home Inspection Services, our goal is to help our clients overcome the stress and difficulties of home-buying by providing an honest home inspection that will facilitate an informed buying decision. Contact us today to request an inspection.