Kelvin Nickels

Licensed Home Inspector

Kelvin Nickels is the owner and home inspector of Diligent Home Inspection Services. Kelvin is dedicated to providing an accurate and detail-oriented service that will fortify your overall understanding of a property’s features and home improvement needs. Not every deficiency in a home’s construction stands out to the untrained eye, and that’s why Kelvin has gone through the necessary training to find problems that others can’t see—ensuring that you stand the best chance of making an investment you’ll be fully satisfied with.

Certified Home Inspector Kelvin Nickels

From Curiosity, to Passion, to Full-Time Career

When Kelvin owned his first home, addressing the various maintenance and repair needs immediately piqued his curiosity about what a home inspection is intended to provide. Soon enough, Kelvin began working for a large home inspection franchise, where attention to detail became a thoroughly ingrained part of his practice.

Kelvin’s passion for learning about safe and sound construction practices only continued to grow, and before long, he was beginning the process of starting his own business. It’s Kelvin’s sincere hope to help relieve the stress of home-buying by providing reassurances about home safety and by giving every client his total dedication in order to promote a secure and knowledgeable investment.

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This Home Inspector Strives to Keep the Home Buyer Happy

  • Whatever day and time you schedule your home inspection for, we encourage you to be there on-site so that you can ask questions and see our findings up close
  • After you close on a home, you’ll have to give it regular attention in order to properly maintain it—and we’ll make sure that you’re prepared to do so
  • If you have any questions at all, before or after a home inspection, don’t hesitate to consult with us over the phone so that we can provide the assistance you need

When he’s not working on a home inspection, Kelvin loves to tend to his yard and garden. Kelvin also enjoys traveling to local attractions and spending quality time with his family. 


At Diligent Home Inspection Services, our goal is to help our clients overcome the stress and difficulties of home-buying by providing an honest home inspection that will facilitate an informed buying decision. Contact us today to request an inspection.